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On Visdom

Kristina Gow has worked for almost 20 years with training and workshops after having previous working experience within the judiciary and the Swedish Church. From a norm-critical perspective, she has guided and inspired thousands of participants into new thought patterns – away from discrimination and prejudice – towards equality and diversity.  It is Kristina’s absolute conviction that these issues are directly connected to profitability,  both from a social and an economic perspective.


Visdom Utbildning (Wisdom Education) was founded in 1999 with Kristina Gow accountable for the operation. With her burning interest in all issues concerning personal development, she has achieved a wide set of skills within areas such as diversity, equality, discrimination, harassment, victimisation and value-based leadership. Kristina is especially interested in culture perspective within organisations, which can be characterised by norms, standards, values and behavior. She has, for instance, developed a process where value evaluation exercises and forum play are utilised to deepen knowledge about suppression techniques . An obvious starting point for all activities within Visdom Utbildning is a total conviction that all people are equal and that differences are an asset.


Sustainable development is an important catchword for the company.  Visdom Utbildning has cooperation partners within several different professions, all with a strong dedication towards sustainable leadership.


Kristina :  ”I find business intelligence to be exciting and, as an educational leader, I always want to be at the forefront when it comes to my own interests. Further education is therefore very important even for my own personal development. My latest qualification, in 2017, means that I am now a certified leader for the Sustainable Change Management Programme”  (read more in the Leadership section).

“I take my listener by the hand and lead him to the window. I have no lesson to offer, but I engage in conversation”

Martin Buber